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The Hale Barre System Kits fit the following pipe / wood dowel sizes:

1 1/2" EMT / EMC (also known as "Thin Wall Conduit").
EMT refers to Electrical Metallic Tubing, EMC refers to Electrical Metallic Conduit. These are two names for the same product, also known as "Thin Wall Conduit". The outside diameter of EMT / EMC is 1 3/4" and it is available in 10' lengths.

1 1/4" Schedule 40 steel pipe
1 1/4" Schedule 40 aluminum pipe

For steel and aluminum pipe the 1 1/4" size refers to the inside diameter of the pipe. The Schedule 40 refers to the wall thickness. The outside diameter of 1 1/4" Schedule 40 pipe is 1.66" (about 1 5/8"). Schedule 40 pipe is available in 21' lengths.

1 3/4" wood dowel or railing with adapter sleeve.
The ends of the dowl need to be milled down to fit the adapter sleeve.
Call for details

It is recommended that 1 1/2" EMT / EMC be used to build your barre.
EMT / EMC provides the best balance between cost, weight & strength of the choices available.

NOTE: As of 5/1/14 the cost of a 10' length of EMT is $13 - $15 ea.

1 1/2" EMT / EMC is readily available at all large hardware stores such as OSH, Lowes & Home Depot. These stores will also cut the pipe at a nominal cost - It is recommended that you take advantage of this service unless you have access to a pipe cutter. While EMT / EMC can be cut by hand it is a laborious task and you will need to file clean all burrs created.

Steel pipe both costs & weighs about twice as much EMT / EMC (even if it is the strongest of the 4 choices available).

Aluminum pipe is the lightest choice but may be weaker than EMT depending on the alloy used. As of 5/1/14 its' cost is not competitive with EMT. In addition, it also must be anodized, powder coated or painted before use and these finishes can add significantly to the overall cost. Raw aluminum will quickly turn hands black when handled.

The use of wood railing is an aesthetic decision. The railing may need to be specially ordered to obtain the correct size. It is also the weakest of the 4 choices available.

Painting your barre:
It is not necessary to paint EMT / EMC as it is lightly galvanized (coated with zinc) to prevent rusting. If you do wish to paint EMT / EMC or aluminum you will need to prepare the metal with a special etching solution made for preping metals before painting them - consult the sales person in the paint department of your hardware store for details.
It is recommended that wood railing have a protective finish applied - consult the sales person in the paint department of your hardware store for details.

See the Cut List page for help with how much pipe to order.

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