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What we are currently working on:

Wall Barre Systems

9/1/04 - Development of wall barres is on hold.
1/06 - Wall barres are and will not be avalible.
But for those who know what they are doing and want
fittings that fit EMT/EMC tubing for wall barres they are
Designing and Building themselves, please call
for pricing.

Wood Barre Kits

For those who prefer a wood barre, we are researching adapting our fittings to hard wood rails. Metal pipe would still be used for the legs and vertical supports.

Aluminum Barre Kits

As of May 2015 our Aluminum Barre Kits are no longer available.

If you have an interest in any of our new projects, or have suggestions for other projects please contact us at 1-888-722-2773.
Or e-mail: